NEW: School of Worship


The Genesis School of Music, in association with Kings Way Church, is excited to offer the Genesis School of Worship.  Everything GENESIS, plus a whole lot more!

Orientation and Registration, Sept 7 @ 6:00. Kings Way Church. 

>Education — this is what all music schools do…basic music instruction. However, we will also be studying Biblical worship, as well as modern worship technologies and examples. We will be learning musical terms and definitions, music theory, and music history.

>Application — this is what sets us apart from the music school down the street. We will be working with our young students on different praise and worship songs and charts, as well as putting them in weekly groups to learn to work as an actual worship team.

>Impartation – all of our instructors are actual worship leaders and team members, and they understand the importance of worship being taught, as well as “caught”.  Our leaders know that there are gifts given by God that MUST be imparted into the next generation of worshipers…starting now!  Because of this, we will offer a weekly time of prayer, impartation and encouragement.

Ages:  3rd-8th Grade

Classes Offered:  Everything Genesis…keyboard, guitar, drums and voice…plus more

A Typical Monday Night:  6:00-6:40, Class One // 6:40-7:00, Group Time // 7:00-7:40, Class Two // 7:40-8:00, Prayer and Impartation

Cost$65 a month for one class, 6:30-8:00 (per student), $95 for two classes, 6:00-8:00 (per student) + $25 registration fee (per family)Genesis School of Music Students, $25 off. 

Location:  4445 Crescent Rd, Birmingham, AL  35210

For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us @ 205-661-8410.



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