Music Camps 2018

Untitled 3.001ALL SUMMER LONG…Regular 8-Week Summer Semester, 8-Week INTERN Program AND Music Camps, for ages 4-adult. All Classes & Camps are held at the Genesis School of Music, 5480 Trussville Clay Rd, Trussville (about 1/8 a mile from the Trussville Civic Center)…EXCEPT OUR PINSON CAMP.  Music Camps are for ages 3rd -8th grade.  We also have special programs for older kids and adults upon request.

SOME SCHOLARSHIPS available, upon request.


June 4-7//10:00-12:30…SINGING

June 11-14//10:00-12:30…GUITAR, Beg and Adv

June 18-21//10:00-12:30…CINEMA (brand new…and hot!!)

June 18-21//6:00-8:30…VIOLIN / PIANO

July 2-6 (taking July 4th off)//10:00-12:30…UKULELE / DRUMS

July 24-27//10:00-12:30…PINSON MUSIC CAMP (piano, guitar, voice)

July 24-27//6:00-8:30…PIANO / SINGING

July 30-Aug 1//10:00-1:00 BAND, Beg…6:00-9:00 BAND, Adv


June 30//10:00-2:00…ONE DAY ADULT ONLY Piano and Guitar, Beginners Only


June 4-Aug 1…Weekly Lesson


June 4-Aug 1…Bi-Weekly Lesson (every two weeks)
Designed for those who do not want to take a break from their regular lessons — but they have a busy summer.  

Call 205-661-8410 for more information



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