Welcome to Genesis

Logo1 (1)Genesis School of Music is only in its 10th year, yet we have expanded into the public and private school systems…becoming one of the LARGEST music education programs in the Birmingham area.  Genesis offers group and private studies, focusing on the art of the instrument and performance.

We also work on stage development, arts and instruction, dramatic and arts creativity — and more.  Last year alone, Genesis reached over 36 nations of the world, through our online school, sites, blogs, students and music education. Interested in the “worship band” experience?  Check out “the Band”, meeting every Tuesday @ 6:30 PM (auditions only).  How about Cinema?  Call today for more information @ 205.661.8410.


One of our main goals for ALL of our students is to get them actively involved on the local stage, starting with their local church.  What good is a great musician if they only perform in their living room?  We actively look for ways for every one of our students to use their gifts and talents immediately!

DSC_0133Stan Sheridan, our founder, has spent his life on the stage…starting with a traveling drama / music team at age 4.  Music paid his way through college, put him on one of the biggest shows on the road in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, and on the stage with some of music’s biggest names and performers.  Yet, his passion is the local stage and the local church — equipped with young people filled with the passion of knowing how to use their skills and talents.

This is the heartbeat behind Genesis — “Creating Students TODAY for stages TOMORROW.”

For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us @ 205-661-8410.

Starting at age 3 — Call today to schedule your first lesson!





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