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KEYBOARD:  includes 12 lessons

>Notes on the keyboard…Basic Chording…Inversions…Chords in the key of G…Chords in the key of C…Simple Blues…Simple Jazz…Learn the Songs, “Amazing Grace” and “Lean on Me”…and MORE!

GUITAR:  includes 10 lessons

>Understanding the Guitar…Finger Exercises…Strumming Patterns…Tuning the Guitar…Chords in the key of G…Chords in the key of E…Learn the Song, “Amazing Grace”…and MORE!

THEORY:  includes 13 lessons

>The Grand Staff…Notes on the Treble Clef…Notes on the Bass Clef…Understanding Ledger Lines…Note Values…Tempo Marks…Dynamic Signs…Time Signatures…the Measure and the Bar Line…and MORE!

BONUS…2 Full Length DVD recordings:

Slide1Worship Keyboard in the Key of C

Slide2Worship Keyboard in the Key of G

AND THE BRAND NEW RECORDING, released January 25
PianoPeacePiano Peacesimple piano and soothing sounds to help you sleep“.  Available on iTunes @


“…we thoroughly enjoy learning with Mr. Stan.  He is a great teacher” — Jenn

“…Stan has good teaching skills and starts off with the fundamentals” — Clay

“…we love Stan Sheridan.  His teaching skills are great.  Our daughter has grown so much this past year.  The classes are easily understood and Stan keeps them fun and joy filled” — Elaine

“…we tried lessons in the past but our sons always dreaded it and were reluctant to practice.  When we started with Stan we noticed they looked forward to the lesson itself and it carried over so that they would practice on their own.  Our children have progressed significantly from his enthusiastic and fun approach” — Rachel

“…Mr. Stan is such a talented, patient and encouraging instructor.  We have learned so much” — Robinson

“…Stan is an engaging instructor.  Our kids enjoy his teaching style and are extra attentive.” — Andrea


OVER $1,105 Value — ALL FOR ONLY $19.99 a month

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