PASTORS…do you need help with your sound system?


Never the look you want in church!

One thing I’ve learned through my almost 35 years of ministry:  there seems to be little gremlins that visit our churches at night and mess with our sound system.  Sound familiar?

PERSONALLY, I knew a lot about my area of ministry, but when it came to the box in the back of the church:  CLUELESS!

PASTORS, you do not have to face these creatures alone.  THERE’S HELP!  

At Genesis, we not only train young musicians; we also work with churches, LIKE YOURS, with sound system issues.  We have HIGHLY qualified engineers, that are working with some of the largest congregations, that would LOVE to help you out with your system.

FOR ONLY $200*, we will schedule a TWO-HOUR, one-on-one consultation with you and your worship team.  We do NOT sell sound systems, so there will be NO pressure to purchase any equipment.  We will simply work with your musicians and technicians — or just you — in developing the best sound for your congregation.

From the large cathedral to the little white church in the dale…WE GUARANTEE SATISFACTION!

CALL TODAY for more information @ 205.661.8410 or visit our CONTACT page.

*Outside of the Birmingham, AL area, there is a travel fee added.  Call for details.

Worship_Page_Header**If interested, we will also work with your worship department or team, helping them take their ministry to the next level — offering advice, support and training.  This is usually done on a Saturday Morning, since more time is needed (this is usually a 4 hour workshop).  This time would include a professional sound technician, as well as a worship consultant…with years of experience…for only $400.  Call TODAY for more details.


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